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Hollow Sounding Drum Like Noise

I am hearing a strange noise coming from my front left wheel area. It happens on any road that is not completely smooth, at the imperfections in the road. It is a hollow like sound, almost like if you blow air over an empty beer bottle or hit a hollow drum. That is the best way I can describe it. In the not too distant past, I had my rotors turned down in the front (the left front tie rod end was replaced at this same time because it was worn), and a set of 4 new tires.

Please post make, model, year of your car. If this is a front wheel drive car, have you checked the front CV joint boots to see if they are intact and not torn or leaking grease?

Could be a bad or missing rubber bushing.

It is an 04 Caddy CTS, 3.2 L. I took this into the shop last week but what they said they found didn’t fix it. They said something along the lines of finding a loose electrical sensor. I have not checked the CV joint myself, and am not sure if they looked at it last week.