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Low Fuel warning light

I think I will ask this one again. I have a 2002.5 ( they made a mid year change) VW TDI (diesel) with over 100,000 miles.

A few years ago the low fuel indicators came on (warning light and a bell) indicating the fuel was getting low, which it was.

Since then the low fuel light has remained on all the time the ignition is on except when the fuel is really low. The low fuel bell works normally, but the lamp indicator is opposite. When it should be on it is off and when it should be off it is on.

I guess I can live with this, but I would kind of like to correct it if possible.

Any ideas?


Have you considered adding a can of Seafoam or Chevron Techron to the gas tank to clean the sending unit. I can’t speak for Techron, but according to the Sea Foam website, Sea Foam is safe for diesel engines. When the sending unit on my 2000 Blazer started acting up, I tried both products. The sending unit was still bad, but the truck ran smoother after the treatment.

Ed B.

I vote for the cleaner in your tank first too.

I like Techron but have not used Seafoam.

Headed off to Albuquerque with 210 miles to empty showing on both guage and lcd display.
Got to Alb and both showed 180 miles to empty.
I passed first grade math and knew that I had just driven 140 miles, not 30.
– one quick stop at Auto Zone for a bottle of Techron and the guages were back to accurate.

Hopefully the cleaning trick will work. If it doesn’t then you may need to work on the sensor in the tank or replace it. I can’t think of what would make the warning lamp work the opposite way it should.

Two possibles. Disconnect the battery when the tank is full or when the tank is nearly empty. They are only possibilities.

If all else proves fruitless, my guess would be a glitch in the computer. Rare, but these things happen. Can your dealer reflash?