Low fuel light turned on while gauge read above 1/2 full

2007 Nissan Murano and I am between 1/2 and 3/4 of tank according to the cluster. The low fuel light comes on but the fuel guage doesn’t drop or fluctuates. It stayed where it us at. So I am thinking it couldn’t be the sending unit, and the only thing else comes to mind is either the cluster is going bad or the low fuel sensors in the tank are bad. Any help or ideas. Thanks

The low fuel sensor is the fuel sender. Likely the gauge is toast or has a bad ground. Do a test fill of the tank. When the light comes on, how much fuel do you add? That will confirm the actual problem location.


According to the cluster or according to what you know is in the tank? I agree, I think you have a faulty gauge. When I had a bad sending unit with the gauge on empty and the low fuel light on all the time, I’d just fill up and punch the computer to track the miles I drove. Never ran out of gas and did that for several years.

I am going off of when wife last filled it on Nov 25th. So I am actually thinking the guage maybe close within a 1/4 or so of tank. But with all everything electronic and the legality of mileage. Takening it out is is and putting in a different one but unsure about if they need to be cloned, programmed, ect.I would hate just to buy one and install it and really send everything haywire.

Huh? What are you going on about? One what?

I was talking about installing a different instrument cluster.

Ok. There are ways to handle the odometer readings. The dealer may be able to set it on the new cluster to match yournold one or sign a disclaimer on your title. No one will much care on an 11 year old car anyway.

Might be jumping the gun a little. Try filling the tank a few times to know for sure or maybe the sensor is stuck. Otherwise you can pull the cluster out and have it repaired by a factory shop. I thought the computer kept track of the miles but if not, all you do when you sell the thing is check the box that says “not actual miles”. I suppose though depending on what state you are in. At least if it is inaccurate, have the dealer do a diagnosis.

The fuel gauge accuracy can be easily tested. The shop would disconnect the sender unit and hook up a variable resistor in its place, and note what the gauge reads vs a series of known resistances. If that matches up ok, then the gauge is accurate. In which case you need a replacement sender unit. That part is inside the fuel tank, usually part of the fuel pump ass’y. And they’d check the low fuel light at the same time using the same method.

If the gauge or low fuel light has failed, you’ll likely need a replacement instrument cluster. An experienced shop would probably first do some experiments to see if they could fix it. The alternative to a new cluster is to mark up the dial with a sharpie pen to what the actual fuel level is, and put some black tape over the low fuel light. Then you’d know the actual fuel level at a glance, but would have to suffer the burden of not having a low fuel warning light.