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Low beams not working

hey guys
so, i just puchased an 86 turbodiesel jetta.
she’s a hotty, but no spring chicken.
the low beams aren’t working.
first of all, i must admit, i have no idea how to turn them on.
second, the problam is probably not the bulbs, since the bulbs seam fine. i would like to try and fix this myself.

What seems fine about the bulbs if they don’t operate on low beam?

If you use a test light and probe the connectors you can determine if there is current to the bulbs when the switch is at low beam. If current is there the bulbs would apparently be burned out. If there is no current check back at the relay and fuse.

Also, on this car there is likely a bulb-out sensor between the relay and the low beam headlights. If that sensor fails, you loose low beams. If that is the problem, you can bypass that sensor.

there are 4 fuses for the headlamps and the the key has to be "ON"for the headlamps to work hi beam or low beam the hi/low swittch is on the turn signal stalk pull it towards you. if that dosnt work maybe you need new bulbs on both sides. and manlito this jetta does not a=have a bulb out sensor