Low beam led problems

I have a problem with my low beam headlights only turning on after I pull the fuse, then put the same exact one back in. This is a 87 Chevy R10 with aftermarket led lights. High beams work just fine. What’s wrong with my truck?

I’m guessing everything worked fine before the LEDs?


Try removing the fuse, take a pair of pliers and slightly twist the blades on the fuse and reinsert the fuse, and see if that fixes it.



These right here…

A lot of these are badly designed and cause nothing but problems. We’ve had a lot of posts exactly like yours… problems pop up after installing LED lights. Take 'em out, see if that fixes the problem.


Actually, I had the same problem with the oem lights

Then that should have been solved first .

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Would have been helpful to know…

Start by checking the grounds. If the ground is rusty or corroded off, current will find another path. Make sure the fuse is tight as @Tester suggested.


Agree with @Mustangman and @VOLVO-V70, you need to fix that first before trying the LEDs. Did you try changing the fuse?

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I have not changed/tightened the fuse. I will try this tomorrow. With the original lights, I got the problem to go away by taking out all of the wires that lead into the portion of the fuse box that is under the hood, then cleaning out the terminals. I tried this with the LED’s with no avail. Could this really be something as simple as a fuse that isn’t tight?

This may be corrosion on the wires. I had similar problems on a 98 Jeep Wrangler, a few were fixed with contact cleaner, a few I had to wire around and put an inline fuse in as I could not easily access the connectors in the bottom of the fuse box. Check all the grounds first as they easily become corroded.

Is this not a circuit breaker instead of a fuse? I thought this was pretty universal since the 80’s. A circuit breaker heats up, the circuit opens, then cools down and the circuit closes again. So could be either a faulty breaker or the circuit is being overloaded or shorted.

yes, it is a fuse, not a circuit breaker