Ijust want to say to twotone he’s must be high if he thinks any of the very few ford muscle cars and calling any ford other then the mustang a muscle car is just wrong but as I was saying if you (twotone) think the best mustang is worth more then the many Mopars out there you should look into it. The cuda!!! 71 or 72 can reach the $250.000.00. Not to mention road runners chargers challangers scamps valunts darts …I could go on! Ford at best has the grand trino and the mustang and maybe…maybe the falcon witch didn’t bring much to the track!!! So get off your horse (mustang) and think before you speak!!! Mopar rules then Chevy and at the bottom of that list is ford! Just to be clear the Shelby is not a factory ford so you can’t play that card! Mopar rules!!! Look forward to hearing from you twotone from cuda#1. I have a 68 barracuda Hemi orenge with a stroker 550 hp and I love eating mustangs for breakfast! The only trouble with that is I’m still hungry after that! Lol! I’d like to hear about your mustang with the 289 ha ha. At best 351 ha ha. Well… I’m waiting… Cheers cuda #1 out

Anyone who opens a thread for the sole reason of bashing a respected regular contributor has lost any chance of credibility. Hopefully the moderator will respond quickly to the “flagging” on this thread.

Let’s hope so.
I flagged it about 5 minutes before you did, so there should be multiple notices to the moderators that this thread is not worthy of staying up.

I agree that bashing a another responder has no place on this bulletin board.

When I get the money, I am going to build the king of muscle cars. I am going to take a King Midget and replace the 7 hp single cylinder Wisconsin engine with a twin cylinder 18 horespower Kohler engine. I think I can do enough modifications on the Kohler engine to raise its horsepower to the 25 hp range.

Epic fail, cuda.

For Cuda’s edification, I thought that I should add that my brother bought a brand-new a '69 Barracuda with the 383 engine.

That car had the absolute worst build quality that I ever witnessed on a new car. Apparently, the guys on the Chrysler assembly line thought that simply including various pieces of equipment within the body shell was sufficient, and that actually aligning them or securely attaching them was not necessary. Clearly, this also did not say much for Chrysler’s “quality control” inspectors or for the dealership that sold the car.

My brother says that memories of that car still send cold shivers down his spine.

HIGHLY inappropriate! GROW UP! We’re not in high school anymore. I’m a Ford man myself, but when it comes to all the oldies, I’d own any of them.

I looked at a '65 Marlin. I had a '65 Chevelle. I had a '92 Mustang GT. My brother has 2 Mopars. My parents had 2 '64 Ford Falcons right before I was born.

Cudas are a good car. But all of this is a matter of opinion.

“So get off your horse (mustang) and think before you speak!!!” Cuda#1…live by your own words and think before you speak.

“Anyone who opens a thread for the sole reason of bashing a respected regular contributor has lost any chance of credibility”-well spoken JoeMario.

We’re here as a team to help each other out and help new comers figure out their problems, let’s keep it that way and not ruin a good thing that this forum is. This is not a contest as to who has the biggest “whatnots”, and it’s not a contest as to who is the smartest. This forum becomes a powerful tool when all these great minds come together.

Grow up.