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Love bugs

anyone got any good ideas how to get love off your truck and cars.

Move north.    :-)

“anyone got any good ideas how to get love off your truck and cars.”

Can you rephrase that question so that most of us have some idea of what you are asking?

Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover if it’s still available.

My cousin was a Florida native, her parents had netting across the front of their cars to keep the Love Bugs off.


Wax ahead of time next year.

This year they are especially bad. I can’t go on a test drive with a cust with out getting them all over the bumper.

I live in South Florida. Smashed love bugs contain acid which can eat into paint leaving scars. The easiest way to remove them is with a wet dryer sheet, using lots of water. Then wash off the milky residue with car soap in the usual manner. Doesn’t even seem to remove my wax. After driving on the interstate, when they are really bad, I also spary off the radiator and condenser from the back.

Griot’s Garage has lots of products for removing bugs. I like the Bug Barricade Put it on after a wash and the bugs don’t stick. Of course it has to be reapplied after each wash.

So…I gather that there is some type of nasty bug in the southern states that is nicknamed the “Love Bug”. Interesting…

I thought that the giant flying roaches were a sufficient reason to avoid that region, but it looks like there is at least one more reason.


Yea, At the right time of year  they come out looking for others to start a family, a very large family.

Wikipedia has a pretty good article about Love Bugs.

One thing the article doesn’t say is that they can only fly when two of them join together, which is how they get their name.

We had a really bad season a couple years ago, but they haven’t been bad in my area since then. I imagine all the recent rains from Isaac will help them thrive this fall. For some reason, they are drawn to heat and car exhaust, which puts them right into the path of cars.

Believe it or not, having them on your car or motorcycle isn’t the worst thing that can happen. Getting them all over the front side of your RV is a much bigger headache.