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Finally a bug remover that works

While the rest of you folks were having a picnic and cooking hot dogs, I was washing cars. I picked up a bottle of Seafoam’s Bugs B Gone to try after Tester I think mentioned it. Man that stuff rocks for getting bugs off the car. The front end on one was loaded and it took them right off. The other one had old baked on bugs but not so many, and it cleared them too. Spray it on, wait a minute or two, and go after it with a bug sponge. Instead of scrubbing and scrubbing like usual, they just wipe right off.

I’m a believer an in the trash with that other junk I’ve been using with the turtle on the bottle. Maybe depends on the condition of the paint or wax coating but is sure was better than other stuff I’ve used like NAPA’s. I have no stock or interest in the company that I know of. Just good stuff.

A real test would be those things referred to as Love Bugs in Florida.


I will try it on Love Bugs! Thanks for the tip @Bing

Here in sunny Florida, there are supposed to be two love bug seasons, one in the spring and one in the fall. However, I haven’t seen a big love bug infestation in this area (the Treasure Coast) in several years. I wonder if someone finally found a pesticide that controls them or if they’re thicker in other parts of the state where I travel infrequently.

Back in the day, a lot of people put screens on their front grills to keep them out of their radiators. My grandmother even had a bug shield on the front edge of the hood of her car to keep them off the windshield. I don’t see cars with these add-ons anymore.

Here in Southwest Florida we use wet dryer sheets. Even a wet used dryer sheet takes bugs off easily. I then was and repolish the debugged area.