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Dryer sheets to remove bugs

Someone told me they heard that a wet dryer sheet was a really easy way to remove bugs from car paint. I tried it tonight, and it really worked. In fact, it was much easier than using the bug and tar remover I used last time. And yes, I had as much bug residue, if not more as I had last time. And it had been on just as long. My question is will this ruin mys paint job, or rather plastic bumper?

You’ve stumbled upon a little-known detailing secret for the removal of bugs, etc. There’s no evidence that this ruins the paint (as you asked), but you must re-wax the treated area on paintwork for sure. On plastic bumpers, if they’re smooth plastic, painted to match the rest of the car, rewax. If they’re textured, black plastic bumpers, don’t ever put wax on them!

Thanks! I feel better now, and will use it again ( hopefully I won’t have to until spring when the love bugs come out again).

Do you use them wet or dry?

And they laughed at me when I said black pepper could stop a coolant leak as good as anything you could buy off the shelf!