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Bug remover - holy crap, it works

A few days, someone here (I think Bing started it) mentioned that anti static sheets (fabric softener?) work like magic. Those thingies that you throw in a laundry dryer with your wet laundry.

After a two weeks and 6500 miles road trip I had plenty of bugs around the front of my car. Today I got off my lazy butt and decided to clean (plenty of popcorn under the seat) and wash the car. I used a couple of those “Snuggles” sheets and wiped the bugs right off the car. No scrubbing, no muscles, but just a light swipe and those things came right off. A touch of wax and the car looks like new…well it is new anyways.

Forget instructions on how to rebuild an engine from scratch…this was one of the best recommendations by far.

They work pretty well on a shower door also, in case you have one in your car :wink:

Naw. I said BugBGone was the cat’s meow. Someone else mentioned dryer sheets.

I mentioned dryer sheets because i live in Southwest Florida and they have saved my butt. Normally, the love bugs stay mostly east of us in the big swamp. Several years ago, my sister was in Tampa and we drove up to meet her. The wind was from the east and the love bugs were terrible.

Thee windshield washer only smeared the bugs… I had packed a small bucket of water with a lid, a squeege and dryer sheets. i stopped at least 4 times in 125 miles,

Love bugs get their name from flying as coupled pairs. They are juicy. The juice can eat through paint if left on long enough…I have an $8 bottle of specialty bug remover. Dryer sheets work better.


Sorry, I just tried whatever the wife had and I’ll stick with my BugsBgone. It took the wings and stuff off but not the splattered guts. Maybe its the brand or something or maybe they’re just to make stuff smell good. I didn’t ask first so can’t confirm what they were.

Are you supposed to wet the sheet first?

since the car was still wet, I just started wiping over the wet car and bug remains. The sheet gets wet but works fine for several minutes. I used two to do the whole front.