Lousy CDs

Dear Tom and Ray,

I have a long commute to work. To pass the time I listen to audio books that I check out from my local library. Most of the time there are significant scratches on the CDs that provide a less than optimal listening experience.

Recently I took a break from my normal genre and looked in the non-fiction section. Lo and behold, I see a selection of Car Talk CDs. I picked two and proceeded to check them out. When I get to my car, I found that these CDs of your show are in almost mint condition. Thus the CDs play perfectly, and the content of the show gives my mind plenty of time to contemplate the difference in the condition of the CDs.

From this I can draw three conclusions:

  1. People get enough of you two clowns on the air and thus do not waste their time at the library checking out Car Talk CDs.
  2. The CDs are misfiled in the non-fiction section thus people can’t find them.
  3. The content of the CDs is already flawed, thus there isn’t a good listening experience to ruin, thus people don’t waste their time putting scratches on the CDs.

Scranton, KS

Who’s Tom And Ray And What’s Car Talk ?

Might I suggest an iPod, or other MP3 player, so you can download the audio books and listen to them that way? It’s kind of akin to complaining about the scratches on DVDs/BRs when you rent them from Blockbuster or netflix.