Loudest Squealing Car ever...help!


My 1995 Geo Prism makes a loud squealing noise. It only occurs when the weather starts getting colder, and sometimes when it rains. It seems like the noise is coming from the front right side. And it also usually occurs when I make a right turn, and not a left. The squealing lasts for almost a minute when I first turn the car on, and then whenever I make a right turn it lasts for 15-30 seconds.

What can I do?


Sounds like a loose and/or worn out drive belt. They used to be called fan belts, but hardly any are used to drive the fan any more. The alternator, power steering and AC are usually driven by one belt. As it gets older and stretches out it slips and makes a squealing noise. Turning the wheel adds load to the power steering pump, thus making it slip some more. As the belt warms up it may stop slipping.

Anyway, either replace or tighten that belt.


Yup, ditto to what Ranck said. When you go to the parts store you may want to refer to it as the serpentine belt…that seems to be the current common designator.