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Loud whiny noise

My car started making a loud, high pitched “whooping” and “whining” noise when making corners. The pitch is medium to high and variable. It kind of sounds like wet rubber on glass (like a squeegee). The first time it happened I thought it was a police siren, like when they sound the siren in short bursts “whoop! whoop!”. But now the sound is more like a prolonged whine/groan. The sound might be coming from the steering column, but I can’t be sure. Its definitely on the driver’s side and in the front.

The sound is not related to braking. It doesn’t happen on every turn. It can happen when starting from a stop or when already in motion. It happens on both flat ground and hills. At first it seemed to happen on cold days and only in the morning. I think this might have been a coincidence since now it happens throughout the day, every day.

Any ideas?

My car is a 1993 honda accord with approximately 315,000 miles.

Have you checked your transmission fluid lately?

A bad wheel bearing(s) or worn CV joints are possible sources of the noise.

When you’re under the hood checking the tranny fluid, you might as well check your power steering fluid too. If you have a friennd nearby, you could even have him/her trun the wheel and see if you can tell where the noise is coming from.

The CV joints are a good possibility too. You’ll need a rack to get those checked properrly.