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Loud screeching noise

Okay, so about 3 days ago I was at school, I had arrived at 7:15 and then went in blah blah blah, days over, so I come out at 2:50 and then I start my truck. All good and everything, I wait for 5 minutes or so, revving it up to 3k (4K max) usually I don’t go to 4K unless I just don’t see and the revs kept climbing. Well we’ll say 3k for now. Wel I decide to leave, (I have a 600 watt amp powering a sub in back) pretty loud, I go into reverse, back out okay well I go into drive and I pull up, I go into park after 10 seconds because line of school traffic moving super slow, I then after 1- 2 minutes put my gearshift into drive and I hear a loud screeching noise. Like nails on a chalk board, I didn’t notice it was me because the sub, so I let 5 seconds go by and I slammed my radio off quickly because I saw smoke flowing from the left side of the hood. I put it in neural, went away, went to reverse, nothing that I remember, park, nothing. I went immediately back to drive, same thing, so I slammed it into park turned the truck off, 5 seconds, then i turn it back on, and then I go into r, good, n, good, d, and good. It was like the clutch didn’t catch or something I have no clue I am just super sad because it probably reduced the life of something. There’s no rattling or anything. Btw the smoke what pure white, no smell I didn’t smell anything. Btw I was revving my engine so the AC compressor would work faster because it was hot. Well basically I haven’t had any more issues I’m just afraid of driving on it, I’m going to look under the hood tomorrow. I’ve accelerated heavily since then, gears ok, shifts okay, 275,000 miles, yeah it’s an old fart but it’s like my child. My first car and it’s a pretty damn good truck. It just scared the piss out of me. If anyone knows what this could be or anything I could check please let me know. I am wondering if it’s the torque converter, or a belt at the moment. But I need other suggestions because I don’t wanna drive on it if there’s something going to go bad soon or hurt it.

Run the motor with the hood up for a while and see what happens.

Then quit revving it to 3-4K for 5 minutes, that’s doing more damage to your engine than just letting it idle.

Your AC compressor does not work any better by doing that, If you really feel you need to “REV” your engine, hold it at a steady 1,200 to 1,500 RPM.

If I had to guess at the smoke and screeching sound, I would have to guess a belt.

Thanks. Never knew that lol!

Okay, I’ll see what happens.

Nothing. It runs like normal, this only happened once I put it in gear

You already waited three days, and you are finally going to pop the hood tomorrow!!!I would guess that either the AC compressor seized up or the alternator.


If it was the transmission acting up I doubt you’d see a lot of white smoke like that. You might hear weird noises, but white smoke? I don’t think so. My guess is that whatever happened, it happening as you shifted to D was a coincidence. A while ago I had a weird noise similar to you describe on my Corolla, didn’t seem to be related to anything. One day as I started the engine for the first time of the day it was really loud, so I popped the hood and could immediately see what the problem was. The windshield washer plastic bottle that holds the washer fluid had broken loose from its moorings and was rubbing against the alternator belt. I think you have something like that going on. Take a close look at the belts, see if you can see where something has been rubbing on one of them, some plastic part has broken loose etc.

Yeah I looked in and out, I couldn’t find a damn thing wrong lol. I believe that’s what it was. Thanks for your input.

Did you find a plastic reservoir rubbing against the belt as described in the “solution”?

No, oddly i didnt, it never happened again which led me to believe that either that could have happened OR, it was a compressor seize or the alt seized

I think it would be odd if you did. When something gets caught in the drive belt after starting the engine I open the hood and look for a dead animal.

Yeah that’s what happened on my step fathers ram, it skinned a rat.