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Air Conditioner Problem

So, I’ve had my car for about 4 years now. It’s a 2008 basic PT Cruiser. About two years ago it started to make this weird noise whenever the AC was on. My car would shake and rumble if the AC was on during idle and the AC wouldn’t be cool anymore. Whenever I was driving, it was fine. We charged it and then it quit doing that. A little after that, it started making this weird noise when I turned it on-kind of sounding like something was being banged around under the hood of my car. It also started to make this loud kind of screeching noise, and some gas or steam would sometimes (not often) come out from under the hood. Then I got in a wreck and they said they fixed it when they repaired the car. Now, 2 years later, it’s starting to make that same noise. The rumbling has continued, but when I charge it, it goes away. I just charged my AC about 5 weeks ago, but now it’s starting again and the noise just started again this morning. I was told that there was a disc (something like that?) that may have cut my belt, but they said that they fixed that when they repaired my car from the wreck. If that was fixed, then shouldn’t it not be doing this? Can anybody help me?

Are you using gauges when you charge it or are you just dumping in a can of freon? I assume by your post you are doing this yourself. Overcharging can cause liquid freon to be drawn into the compressor causing it to lock up. This would explain the loud screech.