Clunking from pass rear?

I have a 2003 nissan maxima with 60k. within the last 3-4 months i’ve begun noticing a clunking/rattle comming from the pass rear of the car. i thought it might be something rattling in the trunk, but nothing is in there! I know its not the brakes or rotors, but not sure what this could be. It happens whenever i go over any type of hole,bump etc. but i can also hear it when i turn to the right, sharp turns to the right. before i take it to a mech. i would like to know what you think.

Yours Truly,

D. Benjamin

Charleston SC

That type of clunk is ususally either a loose exhaust system(muffler, tailpie, catalytic converter heat shield), or a rear suspension problem. You could have a bad shock absorber or a worn strut, depending on the car’s rear suspension. If that is the case be prepared to replace BOTH REAR shocks or struts, to keep the car balanced!

A good suspension shop will quickly identify the problem; don’t go to a muffler shop since they may not know anything about suspension system. If you go to the Nissan dealer they may want to sell you a complete set of 4 new struts costing about $1200 installed. So I would stay away from the dealer as wel.