Loud metal click when braking

Please help!! I have a 03 Lexus GS 300. The car is wonderful except for this one problem that is driving me crazy!! Almost everytime I am going at a very slow speed, around 5 miles an hour and decreasing speed,such as rolling to a stop sign,my car makes a very loud “Clunk” or “Click” It has always done this since I bought the car over 2 years ago. I have taken it in several times to be checked and they say the brakes are fine and they can’t find anything. I have just taken it in again and they are telling me that it may be the device that holds the brake pads in place. They are checking it as we speak. It seems to be structural ,having to do with the frame as far as I am concerened, however I am very challened automotivly speaking. Can anyone help me with this?

hello north carolina

the brakes have been removed you said, so that would seem to make me think elsewhere.

it sounds like a sway bar link, or front end suspension rubber bushing is loose.

then again it could be a motor mount failing.

Thank you soooo much for responding! I was told today (after a $240. brake pad bill) that it probably will not happen anymore HA! I am sure when I roll to the stop sign by my house tomorrow morning, I will hear it again! Thanks for arming me with some possible things I can suggest they look for (for the 4th time!!) I will keep you posted Thanks! South Carolina.