Loud Grinding/Rubbing Sound When wet out

Hello. I have a 2010 Kia Soul that I have brought in for service 5 times for the same me issue. the problem only occurs when it is raining out or snowing. when I drive through a puddle or make a right hand turn there is this loud grinding noise that you can feel and hear . the first couple times that I brought it back Kia it was dry out and they said it was just my anti lock brakes. finally 1 day that it was raining out I immediately took it to the dealership and had a technician ride in the car with me. they took it back to the garage and then said it was the drive shaft and went ahead and replaced it. everything seems fine for a while then it started happening again this time when I brought it back in they said it was because I had the wrong size tires and wheels on ( it was winter time and I had bought 15 inch steel wheels with winter tires). I am done dealing with that dealership. a friend suggested that it maybe a cv boot with a crack in it that you can only see if you “massage the boot”. I have not brought it back into another service department so I am asking for your suggestion. it is extremely noticeable when it occurs.