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Loud fan belt

I took my 2005 Sonata (which I love dearly, 99000, runs like a dream, and is paid off!) to Sears for a routine oil change and they told me I needed to replace my fan belts. Note: I heard to fan belt noise prior to this visit. Being a responsible owner, I said ok. The next morning the new belts made a terribly loud noise when I started the car. I took it back to Sears two seperate times for them to fix this, and after each visit they told me nothing was wrong. The noise continues after the car is warm, but its worse when cold. Then, figuring Sears did not want to admit their mistake, I took it to Pepboys. They told me it was a little loose, but everything else was ok. Of course the problem continues. ???!!!

Is the sound worse after the belts were replaced?

Yes. Actually there were no noises before!

Take it back to Sears and tell them to fix the problem or to put in writing that it is not a problem.

It is not acceptable for them to tell you there is no problem when it is obvious that they caused the squeak. You need to go through the chain of command and complain and let them know that you are not a fool.

Sears “mechanics” have been known to cause problems such as yours. I wouldn’t go there anymore after this is fixed.