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Squealing sound after new belt

I have an 08 Nissan Sentra SE-R. Took it to Valvoline a month ago for an oil change and got talked into having my serpentine belt replaced. I didn’t have any issues with my car until a few days ago, it’s making a squealing sound every once in awhile when I turn it on. Took it back to Valvoline assuming it’s an issue with the new belt and was told it was a pulley starting to “walk” and that I shouldn’t be driving my car too much until it’s fixed. I stopped by my regular (trusted) mechanic and both he and his partner took a look and said it’s absolutely not a pulley and he doesn’t know what they’re talking about because the belt and pulleys are running fine, he also said I shouldn’t have a problem driving it. He suggested I go back to Valvoline and have them maybe replace the belt.

I’ll be stopping by there again but does anyone have any ideas on what could cause the squealing? Everything was fine for a month so I don’t know why it would start acting up now.

It could be a junky belt. Do not go back to Valvoline Take the car to your regular mechanic. Ask him to change the belt if need be, and to check the tensioner while he is at it.


Going to a Quick Lube joint for an oil change is a dicey proposition.
Allowing them to do any sort of repairs is simply… not a good idea.

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Yeah, I knew it was a bad idea getting my oil changed there let alone actual maintenance. I kinda panicked about the belt and didn’t wanna set up an appointment with my regular mechanic because I needed my car and didn’t wanna drive around with a bad belt for much longer…lesson learned.

I hate to pay for another belt but I know Valvoline won’t refund me. I might just stop by there to see if I can get a different guy to look at it and see if he has the same opinion as his coworker.

Just spend the few bucks for another belt at your mechanic. Don’t let some other guy there near your car.


As our late forum member–Joseph Meehan–used to say…
Don’t go to a Quick Lube place. Not even for directions!


Beware of franchise joints.
They’re under pressure to up sell un-needed stuff, often cheap stuff.

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