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Loud/Bad differential on 2010 Nissan Frontier

My 2010 Frontier is making a tapping/clicking noise. The dealer replaced the whole rear end but the noise is still there. The dealer now says that’s the way it is and I’ll have to live with the noises. Is this common, is Nissan making a bad/loud differential for Frontiers?

You can find out for yourself very easily. Just go to another dealership and test drive several 2010 model Frontiers and see for yourself. Take a video camera along if you have one and play it back for your dealer if they are quiet. Is the noise constant? Loud? I found this on a website for the new Frontier:

Other changes include the increased availability of the Frontier’s five-speed automatic transmission for XE models, standard Active Brake Limited Slip (the truck’s ABS system is used as a virtual limited-slip differential) for all SE and LE V-6 models, and standard hill start assist and hill descent control for all SE and LE models with four-wheel drive and an automatic transmission.

How can the ABS be a limited slip differential? It may work but I don’t like the way it sounds. That in itself might make some type of noise if you have an SE or LE V6.

Have you contacted Nissan’s corporate customer service staff? (contact info is in your Owner’s Manual)
Have you begun to research the exact details of the Lemon Law for your particular state?

If I were you, those would be the two top items on my automotive agenda in order to try to resolve this problem

Did they give you a paper copy of the repair order showing a complete rear axle was charged out by the parts dept.?

They should also be prepared to show you the rear axle that was removed because warranty parts are required to be held by the dealers until signed off on by the service reps who come around ever so often.
They do not remove a faulty axle and send it to the dumpster when warranty is involved and in most cases warranty pays for the repair of an assembly; not the complete replacement of unless it was totally trashed.

With no paperwork and no rear axle to look at it’s possible that you were simply BSed and the rear axle was not even changed.

Is there another dealership around your area? Take to them and see what they say. Keep any and all paperwork from everyplace you go pertaining to the noise