New axle...but

2006 Nissan Frontier 2wd 29000 miles. Had my rear axle replaced under warranty a month ago because it was leaking and whining. Well, this morning I was coming home from the store and heard some ‘whirring’ while accelerating in 2nd to 3rd gear - manual trans. Checked to see if it was leaking again - no. I have to go to Atlanta in December and with my dog. Will this differential hold up?? I have AAA but not sure what they’d do with my dog especially out in nowhere middle Alabama. Thanks.

Have the people that put the “rear axel” in take a look it.You say you get a “whirring” noise from the trans but your concern is with the new “rear axel”? Was the “rear axel” replaced as a assembley or were new parts installed in the original housing? Iam trying to determine if the factory did the set-up or the dealer did it.I remember your previous posts,some confusion as to what you were getting.

You have warranty. take it to the dealer. The squeaky wheel, grease, and all that stuff.

The dealer put a whole new axle in it. The truck doesn’t make this ‘noise’ all the time. Just wondering why it does it here and there and if it is going to stand up to a 300 mile trip? I think I’m going to take it on the highway for a test drive tomorrow. I’m pretty sure the diff. has plenty of oil, otherwise a month later it would’ve failed already. Strange.