Engine tapping in 4cyl nissan frontier

when engine is cold tapping noise in 07 nissan frontier. what is it?

Dont even worry about it, just take it to the dealer and ask him to fix it. If it bothers you raise hell now. If one dealer doesnt fix it take it to another nissan dealer and a third. Complain to Nissan corporate. You should not have to worry about any thing on a brand new vehicle.

When a car is covered under warranty, you don’t want to bother worrying about what is causing a problem. All you need do is explain what is the problem (a tapping noise) and let the dealer worry about what it is. The dealer is not going to listen to you any way.

Now if you are asking is the noise something you need to worry about, I would say that depends on what is causing the noise and without hearing it, and maybe not even then, I don’t know.

That said it is not unusual for a car to make some unusual noises when they are cold. So I go back to my original statement, drop in at the dealer and have them listen to it. If they say it is normal, get it in writing that you reported it and don’t worry; be happy.