Honda Fit 2007 key programing

I bought two replacement keys for my 2007 Honda Fit. These are keys with 3 buttons, lock/unlock/panic.
I followed a simple sequence and programmed the buttons of the new keys to successfully lock and unlock the car.
I then went to Ace Hardware to copy the key part.
I ended up with three identical keys, the original and my two new ones.

When I tried the new keys, they go in the ignition, turn fine but when I go to start, it acts like the car is out of gas - it won’t start. Both new keys behave the same way. The original still works.

Is there something I need to do to get the keys to work in the car? Ace hardware used a special auto duplication machine to duplicate the keys, the metal parts look identical.

Thank you!

The new keys need to be programmed in order to work properly. A Honda dealership can do it, but it will probably be cheaper to have it done by a locksmith. SOME–but not all-- locksmiths can do this, so I suggest that you make a few phone calls before visiting locksmiths’ shops.


Typical symptom when the car’s anti-theft security system activates. Do you seen anything unusual on the dashboard display, like a key or lock icon alert? Suggest to take the keys back to where you purchased them, perhaps they will re-program for you as a customer courtesy. Be prepared to prove you are the vehicle’s owner.

DID you put batteries in before you try to program them? sorry, had to ask. but you would be surprised at the little things that cause the problem.

Yes the button part of the keys work perfect (there are batteries inside)
It is the key part that won’t start the car fully.

You were able to program the keyless entry part of the key, but the immobilizer part must be registered with a proper diagnostic tool.

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Thank you for your response.
“the immobilizer part must be registered with a proper diagnostic tool.” Is this something I can do myself? If not who can do this type of registration?

Honda dealers and locksmiths have to equipment needed to register your keys to the car.

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