Lost all electrical power to the dash

My 1988 chevy one ton truck just lost all electrical power to the dash/ignition. Before it happened I was having trouble with the shifter locking up (auto transmission). Messing around with the ignition switch position got it to unlock and shift. While the truck was running it suddenly just shut off. No power anywhere through the ignition switch. Lights still work(seperate switch). Could not find a blown fuse. Is there a fuseable link somewhere? Do you think the ignition switch failed ?

Thanks !!

Very likely to be a problem with the ignition switch. Hopefully you have a test light probe to check for power. If not, I recommend you get one.

could be a ground prob,not always the hot side.

As the others have said, the ignition switch or a bad ground to the dash. Generally the entire dash relies on one ground wire.