Lid for air filter assembly

My son needs a lid for the air filter assembly on his 2008 Nissan Versa. Nissan wants to sell him the the whole assembly. Any thoughts about where he might get just the lid?

From A Totalled 08 Nissan Versa From A Salvage Yard Or Online Salvage Yard.

Why not just buy the assembly if a lid is needed now. What happened to the lid? That part should last the life of the car.


The fella who changed the air filter left the lid off and its absence wasn’t discovered for a few days.

Is there an online salvage yard you’d recommend? is a good searchable inventory of multiple junkyards.


I bought a '97 Escort with a broken air filter box - is where I found one at a great price.

As a temporary lid, you could lay several layers of heavy aluminum foil over the top of the air filter housing, and run tape around the edges to make it air tight. Unfiltered air can badly damage the MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor) which is in the air duct immediately after the air filter. It’s sensing wire is very delicate.

Great suggestion. Thanks.