2001 Civic Air Filter Housing



I think the Jiffy Lube guys cranked the screws way to tight when replacing my air filter. Basically all but two of the plastic screw holders have broken.

Is there any place I can easily get the plastic housing that goes around the engine air filter.

If so is there a specific part # or name that I should be looking for? I have google/ebay searched “air filter housing” and other combonations to no avail.



This is normally a dealer item. Visit your local Honda dealer.


Or, if you don’t want to pay dealer prices, just visit a large auto recycler (the politically correct name for a junkyard/auto graveyard). If it is a large establishment, there should be at least one Civic that suffered major rear-impact damage or major side-impact damage without sustaining damage to the engine compartment. Heck, even with some front-end damage, you should be able to salvage the fasteners that you need!

And, most likely you could look for a Civic of model years slightly earlier and slightly later than yours, as these fasteners may be common to several model years. If you know what you are looking for, you should be able to find these little fasteners for a very low cost at an auto recycler.


Your local junk yard is the place to find what you need. Probably won’t cost more than a few dollars.



I forgot to mention that you actually got away fairly cheaply from your ill-advised visit to Jiffy Lube. Nationwide, several people each week have an engine or a transmission or a differential destroyed through the ineptitude of their employees. For the good of your car and the good of your wallet, DO NOT use Jiffy Lube or its clones.

For some reason, people seem to think that they save money by going to J-Lube, when, in fact, many car dealers and virtually all independent garages charge less. And, particularly with a vehicle like a Honda that requires special transmission fluid (and possibly special power steering fluid?), a mistake by the poorly trained teenagers at Jiffy Lube could wind up costing you major $$$ in the event of a screwed-up “Signature Service”.

Based on some of the horror stories that have been posted on this site over the past few years, there are A LOT of screw-ups at Jiffy Lube, with subsequent failure to admit responsibility on the part of the management. I would strongly suggest that you avoid these quick-lube places.


Thanks for the advice!

I will look for a yard soon. Also I have no intention on going back to a Jiffy type of place! I was in a rush before a long weekend roadtrip and need the oil changed.

I also have another question relating to the loose filter housing. Do you think the loose housing would create a slightly louder engine while accelerating?

Over all the car sounds perfectly normal, i.e. idleing and slow acceleration. EXCEPT when I try and accelerate quickly, when i get to 2000+ rpms my engine is much louder than normal! But when I get to speed, is sounds 100% normal again.

Is the loose housing allowing for this extra noise?

p.s. i am pretty sure it’s not an exaust problem, it’s not that loud.

Thanks again!

 You are lucky if that is all the damage they did.  Stay away from ALL quick lube places.  Don't even ask for directions there.


These things cost less than a buck each at the dealer. Now a $1 is an outrageous price for such a cheap part, but you only need 4 or 5 and it is so much more convenient to get them there.

Most junk yards will not sell you a small part like this, they will want you to buy the whole filter housing for $15 or so. If they sell you these little parts, then they are stuck with an air filter housing that they can’t sell to someone else.