Loss of power steering in converted 1951 chevy truck

I have a 1951 chevy p/u. it has the front suspension, engine (305 SBC), th350 transmission and rear end from a 1977 camaro. I recently installed a complete serpentine conversion kit (Genuine GM part #12497698).
The issue I am having is that I have a loss of power steering at low speeds and from a complete stop. I have performed several bleeding procedures with no change. I worked fine before the change over. Any suggestions?

Re check the belt tension and routing. And I recall incorrect belt specifications from GM over the years that resulted in a great many problems. Your belt may be the wrong one regardless what ‘the book’ says.

If my link is correct you can compare the length of the belts as reflected by the last three digits of the part number and notice the AC belts are significantly shorter than the after market belts even after all these years. Just add a decimal point between the 2nd and 3d digits and read it as inches.

excuse me but I see that A-Z’s part numbers begin with the length and the link doesn’t go directly to the belts. More and more these days the www is confusing me.

Is it possible that the pulley ratios are insufficient to spin the pump adequately to supply sufficient pressure to operate the PS system.

@“the same mountainbike” - You beat me to it.

Let’s hope we’re right.