Drive by wire glitches

I have a 2006 Toyota carola 1ZZ engin,standard trany,43,000 mi. suddinly had a lose of power. on throttle response and eventually stalled. Acted like out of gas but when sitting for a while, it would restart and run as though nothing was wrong for a couple min. then stall again. No electrical symptoms. Could this be a drive by wire problem or fuel pump?

Could this be related to drive by wire? Yes. I’d say that’s more likely than a fuel pump problem.

It could also be an ignition problem. Is the check engine light on?

Check engin light is on solid. However, there is no apearent ignition connection to the symptoms. Loss of power but firing smoothly. No RPM response or sluggish increase at best. Im thinking automatic throttle control problems.
Guess I’ll just have to scrape up some bucks to give the dealer.

That check engine light is what? A Christmas decoration? No, it’s telling you that a diagnostic trouble code is set in the engine computer. The diagnostic trouble code (DTC) tells someone what system is having a problem and what type of problem it is. It would be a shame to waste that information.
You can get the check engine light code scanned at many auto parts stores. Just ask. Then, you could bring the codes here for advice on how to further troubleshoot the problem, which could lead to a fix.

Made it back. Rented a code reader from parts spply. The codes that came up…
P0607 - control module performance, P0121- Throttle position sensor switch A.
I was told that the first code is usually the primary fault and the rest are a result of that malfunction. I understand it’s arule of thumb and not writen in stone but is seems to fit these symptoms. Are there any other checks I can do before I shell out hundreds of $$$ I don’t have? I really need help with this.