Loose stick shift



My 2000 zx2 has a vibrating stick shift at around 70+ mph (gets loud) - could I have bad bushings? If so, is that a shede tree mech. doable job. Also, can they be tightened - and how?


Well, no one replied but I did figure it out and resolved it. It was NOT the stabilizer bushing - although I guess it could be a factor in some situations. The shifter rod (next to the stabilizer bar) directly underneth the car has two bushings on each end. They are dealer only and cost about $25 (for the four). Not too hard to replace - I only took two heat shield bolts out and didn’t have to drop the exhaust. Put a thin coat of grease on everything - makes it slide together easier. Now it’s like new.


Good work and good on you coming back to post what the fix was. Now if they ever implement a good search engine here, people will be able to find this answer.