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1999 ZX2 Transmission

The past couple of months (at least), it has seemed that my gear shift (manual) has more play in it and just lately,when shifting into a gear (mostly 2nd,3rd & 4th) it “feels” a bit rougher, like it doesn’t seat smoothly like it used to. There’s also a slight audible “thunk” when I shift, where there didn’t used to be.

If anything, it almost feels (and sounds) like whatever funky, is right near the end of the shifter, where it goes into the transmission.

Before I take it into a transmission place, I’d just like to find out if there’s ANY possibility that something just needs to maybe be tightened or lubed, instead of needing the entire transmission to be replaced.


Yes, there is a distinct possibility that your shift linkage needs some attention - maybe just cleaning, lubing & tightening or other adjustment. If you have a regular mechanic you trust they should be able to check it out, and then hit a transmission shop if that doesn’t pan out.

Very cool. I’ll have that checked out. Thanks.

a distinct possibility yes, but, having driven a many manual trnsmissions, and rebuilt at least one, it sounds more to me like the main shaft bushing is worn out. This will happen when the output shaft seal is worn and the oil leaks out so there is not enough lube on the bushings. If the shifter is not the problem, and you have the u-joints checked too, and they are good, you will want to start shopping for a re-built tranny. But wait till transman responds before you make any final decisions.

Roger that. Thanks.