Replacing an entire shifter for a 92 Volvo 240?



We parked our 92 Volvo 240 sedan for ten minutes and when we came back, did not start at all (lights come on, that’s it). Mechanic has reported that the shifter is loose and wiggly (yes it is I can confirm) and failing to make a connection, something about Safety Inhibitor Switch. Sounds about right but as my dad has always repaired my volvos I don’t want to get screwed. Does $470 for this repair sound like I am? Can’t they just repair the connection instead of a whole new shifter?


You probably have a bad “Neutral Safety Switch”. It may be called a “Safety Inhibitor Switch” in Sweden but that name would imply “preventing safety” in english. In any regard, new bushings and readjustments are probably all that’s needed to tighten up the shifter. Your dad could do the job for less than half the price of the quote.


That makes sense, thanks. Unfortunately Mechanic Dad is too far away, but I am going to inquire at repair shop why tightening up (in the manner you described) is not an option.


Oh, such naivety. Wouldn’t it be nice, but alas ;

They may make 'em from pieces, but they don’t sell the pieces.


Your neutral safety switch is sold separately. It runs $70 for a aftermarket brand part if you order it from an on-line parts outlet.

If the shifter feels unusually loose, something else is going on as well. Shift linkage bushings for that car cost $4 for the pair. I suppose something could be broken, but I am having a hard time visualizing what it would be.