Rattling Stick Shift

I recently bought a '95 Subaru Legacy wagon L edition. The clutch was replaced and the transmission fluid changed as well as the bushings for the stick shift. However the stick rattles and stops when i hold it. What else could be causing this and how do I fix it?

It is possible that the motor mounts and/or transmission mounts are in bad shape or were not tightened properly after the clutch was replaced.

Maybe wrong bushings in the gear shift linkage.

I got under the car and the mounts are in good shape and tight. The bushings looked right, I’ll take a closer look at them now that you mentioned it. Thanks.

Try taking the covers off the base of the shifter and see if you can figure out what’s rattling. You could lube everything that moves, using a light grease. Even vaseline could help.

Subaru’s once used “direct rail shifting” where the gearshift lever was connected directly to the shift forks, which makes for very positive shifting… I guess that’s no longer the case…