33 pages

…of those ridiculous spam posts?
Is somebody asleep at the switch?

give them a break, it’s early in the morning.

And they are still appearing…

Any of those characters look Chinese to you?

Those characters are Korean.

bamwar5.com seems to be a korean “escort” site.

Hmm. @BillRussell, I don’t suppose you mean Ford Escorts. :wink:

I hope these posts are ‘escorted’ out.

Welcome to Monday, Carolyn. {:smiley:

Korean, huh? Well, the little fat guy DID promise a cyber attack. I guess this is the best Pyongyang can do.

Somebody say something bad about kia or hyundai?

pinging the url comes back with a ip address in Argentina.

Well if its an escort site, at least they were keeping it car related.

I guess its an on-going job. My beloved woodworking site had the problem and finally had to close to new members except if an existing member sponsored you. Couldn’t see anything until you logged in. It was extreme but worked for a while as the clientele gradually got less and less. Then the server fried and its no use anymore. Folks I communicated with for 15 years gone, poof. I put these folks in the same category as ID thieves and the IRS and MS scammers.

I hate SPAM unless, of course, it’s made by Hormel.