Looking to purchase either a Subaru Outback or the Tribeca

Currently I’m driving a 2000 Lexus ES300 with a little over 100,000 miles. I want to get either the Outback or Tribeca but confused with salesman. Some have knowledge of the vehicles most are clueless when it comes to details. You guys come highly recommended. They even have me listening to you weekly. Just as a closing comment we reside in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

We aren’t the guys on the radio…we’re the little knowledge is a dangerous thing guys. For what it’s worth; they are essentially the same vehicle mechanical wise and the one you choose, if those are your first choices, will depend upon which body style appeals to you.

Read the reviews in Consumer Reports to get some relatively unbiased information about both. Start at the April 2010 Annual Car Issue, and then see if either of these have been test driven by CR recently. Edmunds also provides reviews of cars, too.

Many car salesmen don’t necessarily do their homework to make them fully knowledgeable about their product line. That may explain their cluelessness.

Thanks for recent responses

A factor to bear in mind is that the Tribeca is going to be discontinued, due to very low sales volume.

Now that the Outback has been increased somewhat in size and given the 3.6 liter engine from the Tribeca (as an option), the only advantage that the Tribeca has is its 3-row seating. However, the legroom in that 3rd row is so scant that only children can sit back there.

For less money, you can get an Outback with the same engine as the Tribeca and all the same bells and whistles. And, the Outback will probably keep its resale value much better, due to the fact that it is not being discontinued.

The Tribeca could have been the ideal car based SUV, but with a handle like that and the initial looks, it’s become Subaru’s version of the Edsel. Makes you wonder if anyone did there homework or just took the Outback’s running gear and assumed it would carry any thing they planted on it to success.

Test drive both and see which you prefer. Similar drive trains and basic mechanical systems. Very different body styles and interiors. Outbacks look OK, Tribecas are just weird looking but some folks like weird.

You have to live with your choice for a few years, in the end it is your decision. I’d go Outback.