2008 subaru tribeca

what do you think about it?

I got one as a loaner and it was a very nice performing and comfortable vehicle. However it does not get very good MPG but is not that different from its crossover peers in that respect.

Subaru Concrete and Iron Works. If you want gas mileage, don’t get their biggest one. They would have used lead, but a nearby country needs it for painting toys.

Compared to those land barges you were asking about over on the other thread, the Tribeca is a much, much better vehicle. Subarus have pretty decent reliablilty and one of the best AWD systems on the market. The Tribeca doesn’t get the mileage of the other Subaru models, but that’s because it’s quite a bit bigger and has the taller profile of an SUV.

Interestingly enough they are produced in Indiana so your completely off in left field. Beyond that they try and be green and recycles nearly all waste from the car producing process there.

The only criticism usually heard regarding the redesigned Tribeca is that the leg room in the second row is a bit skimpy, and in the third row it is really suited only for children. In terms of relibility, Consumer Reports classifies it as “above-average”, which is certainly superior to the reliability of the other SUVs that have been mentioned.

Also, the recent redesign of the Tribeca has given it better handling and more power than previously. The mileage rating (16 mpg), is typical of SUVs–namely pretty poor, especially in light of the rapidly increasing price of gas.

Personally, if I was considering an SUV at this point, I would think very carefully about whether I really needed that type of vehicle–especially since gas will likely reach $4.00/gallon by the summer, and after that…who knows what levels the price of gas may reach. One thing is certain–the price of gas will not be declining.

teh subaru tribeca would be more apporpriately categorized as a van than an suv. even teh forester ‘suv’ is really a taller impreza wagon, by platform.