Looking for some ideas (not important)

A piece of my driver side mirrors is cracked out, anybody have any of thoughts of maybe somehow I can fill it something?

I might just paint the break black to make it less obvious.

I can’t really tell from the picture but I bought a perfect fit same as OEM complete replacement mirror for $50 from Rockauto. Just depends whether electric, with heaters, etc.

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Mine cracked on my Toyota cased by someone banging into it.

I used black electrical tape and wound a good deal over the crack. That was 3 years ago; the seal is still tight, and no water can get to the electrical contacts.

A replacement mirror was quoted at $300 plus installation.

If you’re a DIY type, see if you can find a used mirror in an auto salvage yard.

A bear broke mine off at the stem 20 years ago. I glued it back together. When the temperature dropped below 0° it broke. I bought glue rated to -40° and it’s stayed intact since.

Replacement is the best method. And probably the only one that will produce satisfactory results. But one idea to consider as a diy’er experiment, fill it w/ 5 minute clear epoxy mixed with carbon black at the ratio to more or less match the color.