Side View mirror repair

I accidentally hit the back side of the mirror today and I was wondering if there is anyway to fix it?
This is it when it’s out of place :
This is it when it’s in place:
When I drive you can’t tell the mirror is messed up you can only tell from the back of the mirror. So I don’t know if some type of industrial glue would work or what please leave me some suggestions.

18 years ago a bear attacked my pickup while I was hiking, broke it off at the stem (it had no electrical connection, no motor to move it). I glued it back with 2-part epoxy. 6 months later the temperature dropped to -17° and it fell off. I bought a 2-part epoxy rated to -40° - it’s held since. I didn’t trust it so I ran a wire through it which I anchored in the vent window but it hasn’t budged. I bought non-special stuff at AutoZone - don’t know why I felt I had to buy glue at an auto store; the stuff at WankerMart is probably just as good.

Yeah you’d have to take it off, take it apart, and try to glue the offending parts. Like JB Weld.

In other words you did the bear minimum… :grin:


I used this to repair the cracked bumper cover on my Honda.

That was six months ago, and it’s still holding.


I took off the mirror of my '04 Ion back in 2017 when I was pulling out of the garage and trying to avoid a snow drift the snowplow people had left on the driveway. It didn’t break off completely, but it did crack some of the plastic casing and tabs that held it in place. A few months later, when the duct tape I was using was starting to deteriorate, I headed out to a pull-apart junkyard and nabbed a mirror for only $30. I was able to replace it myself with minimal effort! Just remove the plastic cover and screws holding it in place and disconnect the electronics (if it’s a power mirror),
This is the video I followed.