Looking for shift boot for a Sport-Trac, can seem to find it, searched


I am looking for shift boot for a 04 Sport-Trac, can seem to find it, searched.
A Ford site was able to provide the part number: 1L2Z-7210-CB
No way of knowing how to find it.
Several sites carry the whole shift assembly for the column, but I don’t need all that …

Any help is appreciated.

Currently unavailable, Amazon doesn’t know when (or IF - my comment) it will be back in stock.

A Ford site says it is discontinued…no more parts, ever.

Pick up the phone and call your local Ford dealer’s parts department, they can do a nationwide search.

See if one can be located at a local auto recycling center/junk yard.


And if you can’t find an original one, go here:


and put in your vehicle info. $65 for one made out of real leather. I can personally vouch for their quality - I’ve got their stuff installed in one of my cars. It’s 10 years old now and still looks new.

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Looks like all those shifters are on the console between the seats, this is for an explorer and the shifter is on the column.