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Manual transmission shift cover

Hi guys…love your show!! I have managed to pick away at the rubber covering on the stick shift of my 2003 Saturn ION. How do I go about replacing this?

Go to the dealer and buy a new one. If it’s not apparent how to replace it, ask at the dealer.

Or go to a junk yard and buy a used one. It’s less expensive.

or if you want a nicer one, makes them out of (surprise!) leather. You’ll have to install it yourself, of course, but that’s not very difficult.

Your local auto parts store sells generic rubber ones that may or may not work on your car.

these usually unscrew, but some of them have an allen head screw that holds them in place.

I recommend one that looks like a little soccer ball, or a skull.

I vote you just replace the rest of the car and a new shifter boot will probably come with it.