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2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac - Parts suggestion

Where do you find a wiring harness for the transmission

Pretty ambiguous question as written!

Do you want the wring harness’ location in the car or do you want to know where to find a replacement harness? The first is easy, right next to the transmission. The second is also easy, a Ford dealer’s parts department.

Do you want the internal harness . . . ?

And what transmission do you have?

There were at least 2 choices, I believe

Once we know, we’ll try to help you

There are companies out there that specialize in such harnesses, but until you give us more information . . .

Thank you.

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still waiting for more info.

Why did you post without any info?

I thought I had info on there. Sorry. Hunting for a plug for the transmission for a 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac.

He needs the part of the harness that plugs into the transmission. I knew there was a reason I see so many explorers with failed transmissions. It’s that darn plug.

Which plug?

For which sensor?

Are you talking about the plastic electrical connector, with leads?

Rockauto has the most common ones

napa auto parts has some

and the Ford dealer can get them . . . that might actually be the easiest

Go over there with your vin number, and the parts guy will show you an exploded view, and you just point out what you need