I'm a female...And I'm new to all this

I bought a honda civic EX 1998 Just to fix up…And i bought a short shifter…Buuuut I have no idea what they call this piece I want…or if it even exsists… A shifter plate maybe? Because I have a boot now but I would like a plate that actually says the gears…and everything…

For example>>> http://www…s/75_L.jpg

So if you know what they’re actually called and if you can put it in a honda please respond!

It’s called a shift gate.


Good answer by tester. Don’t worry about being new. I have been working on cars since 1968 and every ten years it changes completely. There is always something to learn here. I get a lot of fun here and sometimes I try to be funny. When I’m not being ignorant.

Might need a different boot if you are putting a shift gate on. If it is leather boot instead of rubber, you can modify it yourself. I am assuming you are talking about the gear shifter boot.
The old boot might be too big for it. You should be able to find almost any “performance” part for the Honda Civic they are very popular.