Looking for new tires to smooth out the ride on a CR-V

It is time for new tires on my Honda CRV 2011, it has bridgestone tires with 29000 mi, that have been on there when CRV was purchased new, can you suggest a tire that can improve the rough ride I get now.

Go to tirerack.com you can enter your tire size or vehicle information then search for the qualities you desire.
On the site there is a “tire decision guide”, when you click on that an option comes up on what you are looking for. One box is “ride quality”.

Play around with the site. There is no requirement to enter personal data or to buy from them.


I like the Dunlop Grand Trek or Signature II tires. My Rav4 rode well on the former. You won’t stop all of the noise in the CR-V.

First, check to make sure you don’t have a dead shock. Shocks can fail hard and produce a rather jarring ride.

And while you are at it, have whoever looks at the shocks verify the tire’s inflation pressure. If I have this right, your Honda came with 225/65R17’s on 6.5" wheels at 30 psi. Please verify this by looking for the vehicle tire placard on the door frame.

Now if you are willing to take a risk - most tire shops won’t do this - but you could go up in tire size and use a lower pressure.

If what I wrote above is correct, you could use 235/65R17’s at 27 psi.

I have Goodyear ComforTread tires on my 2006 Sienna and 2010 Cobalt. They improved the ride quality on both, especially the 2010 Cobalt. The tires are quiet and have good year round traction.

I have Michelin Defender XTs (225/65R17) on my 2013 Equinox, also very happy with these tires.

Ed B.

First of all, where do you live and/or what kind of weather do you experience year around? Are you in bone dry AZ or snowy places like MN, or hilly and snowy like CO or rainy FL? That will reduce the number of tires you are looking at.

As someone has suggested already, get the shocks checked.

If the shocks are good and you don’t have any trusted mechanic that works on your cars, I recommend stick to Costco that sells good tires (and warranty), and not too much to choose from.
If not, tirerack is a great place to ‘research’ the tires. Buy and install the tires at local tire place.

I like tirerack.com, too, for info and to sometimes buy tires from. Also Consumer Reports: their November issues have tire test reports, and this info is also in their car buying guides on newsstands and on line.