Quiet SUV tires?


I’ve owned or driven 2 Honda CRVs, a Toyota Highlander, and a Toyota RAV4 (current model). Each seems to have a lot of road noise (rumble) coming from the tires.

Are there any quiet tires for the SUVs that aren’t ever going to be driven on anything but pavement?


Check tirerack.com as they have lots of reviews by their testers who actually go onto a track. There are specific tires designed for the exact thing you desire. Happy reading/researching.


Exactly right, do some research at tirerack.com

A smooth quiet ride is at the top of my list also.

My wifes Sonata came from the factory with ultra high performance Michelins, and I was’nt about to spend 150 apiece for another set of these.

Did some research at tirerack.com & found that folks with Yokohama Avid touring tires were very happy with the smooth, quiet ride from these tires.

Bought a set & they are very smooth & quiet.

They also lasted twice as long as the Michelins.


I shoulda remembered Tire Rack’s website. It helped me find the best tires I’ve ever had, for the Accord I’m selling. (Bridgestone Potenza G009). I wish they made 'em in the size I’ll need next time!


Tire Rack is a good bet for research. Since you have a car based SUV, you probably can use a passenger tire instead of a truck tire, load ratings equal.

Ed B.


I have been very pleased with my Michelin LTX’s on my SUV. Very quiet and long-lasting.


I replaced the original Toyo’s on my "05RAV with Goodyear Forteras…They are very quiet and excellent in moderate snow…I have Geolanders on my new RAV and so far they seem okay.I reviewd tirerack for quuiet ride and all weather traction befpre getting the Forteras.


On SUVs made by the US car companies, the vehicles come from the factory with aggressive tread off-road tires despite the fact that better than 90% of SUVs will never be driven on anything other than pavement. Undoubtedly, those tires are fitted to those vehicles for the macho cachet that so many SUV drivers seem to crave. However, the reality of the situation is that the aggressive treads on these off-road tires:

*Are noisy
*Are more prone to damaging heat build-up
*Give less traction on pavement than tires that were designed for use on paved roads

I assume that the Japanese companies also supply off-road tires on their SUVS, and if I am correct, then that poor choice of tire lies at the heart of the noise problem that the OP is experiencing. Luckily, regular tread tires designed for highway use can be fitted to virtually any SUV, and any highway-type tire should be quieter than any off-road tire. A little research on a site like tirerack.com should give you the information that you need.