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Looking for needed van part

We need to find out the name and part # for a needed piece for our Chevy express 2500 cargo van. We have changed the fuel pump but the mechanics states that we need a male fuel connector that leads from the main engine harness. We cannot locate the correct name/part# and we are able to find it. We have pictures. Does anyone know what the name or part# is?

Year, make, model, engine size, VIN if possible please.

Are you talking about the wiring harness that connects the car to the fuel pump assy at the middle or rear of the vehicle?

Take the pictures to your Chevrolet or GMC dealer. The parts department should be able to tell you what the part number is.

Check out they may have the connector your looking for,carcode,1434777,pgname,Electrical-Connector

Isn’t it the mechanic’s job to chase down parts? What’s wrong with the existing part?