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I really need some serious input here! (please)

ok i need some help understanding a few things, my truck needed a new fuel pump and even after it was fixed i was still having alot of problems i replaced all the wires plugs, mass air flow sensor, rotary cap, and eventually the whole fuel injection system and i was still having problems i took it to a new mechanic and he said it was a bad fuel pump so we replaced it again and now everything is fine! so my question is could a bad fuel pump have caused any damage to any of those replaced items or could it have caused the diagnostics test to give up wrong codes??? please i would love any input you might have!!!

Seriously…did you replace the original fuel pump with a used or rebuilt pump? Was it properly installed? A fuel pump will not throw a code and will not harm any of the other components that you replaced. If you were getting codes if was from some other component in the system.

More info is needed, year, Model, engine (4.3, 5.0, 5.7 etc), and miles. The fuel injection system, is it TBI, MFI, CFI, etc?

It does sound like the first mechanic was just throwing parts at it though. Depending on the age of the van and the mileage, the plugs, wires, and distributor cap would be considered routine maintenance. I can’t speak for the MAF and FI system.

it was new because we didnt have to pay for it it was under warranty its just the strange part about it was that everytime we replaced one of those items the truck worked for a day and then broke down again. and im not sure if it was installed properly, but i know the guy ripped us off he charged us for four hours of labor and said he had to take off the gas tank the guy that just replace it it only took him an hour to fix it and didnt take the gas tank off

Without knowing the codes I can say no more except the mechanic took a shotgun approach changing parts and not diagnosing. Fuel pumps can be tested for pressure and flow.

Also, most of those codes do no directly say a particular part is bad.

A failing fuel pump could cause a lean running or misfire code.