Looking for Chevy bowtie decal for steering wheel

My son threw a toy at me in the car which hit the steering wheel of my 2007 HHR! It dented and scratched the Chevy bowtie logo emblem in the center of the steering wheel. I found an emblem online, but I would have to buy the whole airbag system just for an emblem! Anyone know of a place where I can order that center emblem?? I doubt a junk yard would have a 2007 HHR just sitting there waiting for me to come pick one out. Thanks.

That steering wheel emblem may have been used on many other vehicles than the 2007 HHR. Try the boneyards.

You coudl also adapt an emblem from a keyring adornment or something of the sort. Perhaps even some trinket from the Chevy dealer’s parts department. I improvise like that all the time.

I have replaced the drivers airbag many times due to a cosmetic concern on the visible surface (people only wanted this done if it was going to be warranty,if they were going to pay it never even got mentioned,strange.) These warranty parts must be “disabled” for safety,this was great sport,blasting off air-bags.