Yukon vs Tahoe vs Suburban vs Enclave vs CX9 vs Durango vs Volvo XC90

For family road trips, 3 row SUV Yukon vs Tahoe vs Suburban vs Enclave vs CX9 vs Durango what would you go with and why? I do understand that Enclave , CX9, XC90 and Durango are in a different category of mid size SUV, but still… what would your preference be and why? Looking at 2015/2016 and up

If you do not care about gas mileage suburban my choice

AWD Toyota Sienna.


I would scratch the Durango ( The Fiat / Chrysler combo just not seem to have their act together ) also scratch any used Volvo ( parts and service are costly plus limited dealer network ) .
Road trip with family ? Honda Odyssey van , comfortable , easy to get in and out of , decent MPG and service almost anywhere.

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Of the list you gave I would choose the Durango because it;s ergonomics and seating position are more comfortable for me than anything GM and the CX9 is not really comparable to the rest.

I would actually prefer any minivan for a family road trip, but what do any of my preferences have to do with YOUR choice. I am not you and neither is any one else on this forum. Millions and millions of people are quite comfortable in GM products, I am just not one of them.

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A minivan is the best family vehicle out there.

Why folks spend more money for an SUV with less room and thirstier for gas is a mystery to me.


If you still want a Suburban/Tahoe/etc, consider an Expedition instead. The independent rear suspension results in more 3rd row room.

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Having driven only one of those vehicles, which was more than a decade old when I drove it, I can’t imagine throwing a decision like that to a crowd when I could test drive each vehicle and choose the one I like most.


Mr. Whitey , I also don’t understand people asking strangers on the web on what vehicle to buy .

Going off topic here , how many different avatars do you have now ?

I’m just doing my best to spread a little sparkle wherever I go.


new body style came out in 2019 I believe , currently targeting 2016 models :slight_smile:

Prior body style was also independent rear suspension, I think.

I thought some guys have driven different cars and might know in terms of comfort, noise and mechanical issues. Cos we all know it’s a crazy hustle at a dealer’s lot to go through them all. We’ve tried minivans and the just got too used to SUV feel and clearance. My wife’s had Buick Enclave but its got some miles on it so looking to get rid of it and get another SUV. The minivan we test drove was Pacifica. Very good looking minivan that probably got sharpest looks and gets more popular with lots of families choosing it. Their hybrid version is quite interesting, but the feel wasn’t the same. I’ve watched a bunch of Alex on Autos reviews (on youtube, that dude thoroughly test drive every single car ) and seems like its either Yukon / Suburban / Durango or back to newer Enclave. CX9 is awesome looking but won’t be as comfy i guess :slight_smile: Also back in 2015 when we got Enclave I test drove Pilot, Cx9, Explorer, Enclave, MDX and I believe Durango. Durango felt nicest among them all in terms of road noise, and ride comfort and looks.

So glad the hairy chest avatar is gone, just me!

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Yukon, Suburban, and Tahoe are basically the same vehicle. There are slight differences in trim between Tahoe and Yukon, and Yukon XL and Suburban. The Chevrolet versions can be outfitted very nicely if you get the luxury trim level. Suburban is essentially a stretched Tahoe.

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