Who likes which? or neither



Who likes which full-size suv better? The cadillac escalade ESV, thegmc Yukon xl denali, or the chevrolet suburban LTZ? With all having every option available.


sorry guys. i meant to put this in second opinion! respond anyway.


Chevy Suburban. They’re all the same vehicles, just different badges on them, and the Chevy is likely the cheapest. Aside from the badge, they are, for all intents and purposes, the same truck.


I agree with lproctor.

They are the same vehicle, albeit with different badges slapped on them. The Escalade may have the Northstar engine by this time, but that supposed advantage is offset by the incredibly high theft rate for the Escalade.

If you want to attract unwanted attention from every inner-city car thief in your area, the Escalade is the one that you want. On the other hand, if you want essentially the same vehicle with a bit less luxury and a lot less probability of theft, get the Chevy.


The 2008 escalade has a 6.2 liter vortec like the hummer H2.


I would not want any of them, unless I lived in the Alaska inerior and had to carry big loads. All other things being equal, I would get the Denali, and stay away from the Cadillac. For trailer towing, I would pick the Suburban.


suburbans ar known for their power, and the denali for the looks.


If you buy an Escalade, you should pray that it doesn’t have the same level of reliability as the Hummer, namely POOR.


None of the above?


think i might see that!!!


i hear ya like British cars?


go to ebay and check these out. type in 320230818978, 260222486225, 160220948243. buy one if you must. since you ALL just love escalades.


Which one do you like best? Is the Cadillac, GMC, or Chevrolet dealer much better than the others? Just buy the one you like. They are all very expensive to buy and keep running. If you can afford it and like it, buy it.


I match my SUV to my personality. Whichever one is cheapest.


I’m not sure I’d even want one then… from what I understand they’re pretty useless in an actual off-road situation. Not to mention, you wouldn’t want to risk scratching up those pretty rims on the Escalade.

If you want a flashy luxury SUV that’s actually good off-road, I’m afraid you’re stuck with a Land Rover, which is even more expensive to own and possibly even less reliable than the American land-barges.

If you actually need a vehicle this big, you’ll be better of with a plain old full-size van. If not, it’s mostly just a style question, in which case you’re probably asking the wrong people.


you need a ford…


Why should you car what I like?


Don’t tell your significant other that…


It would help if you told us what you needed, what (if anything) you need to carry/tow, how much you want to spend, etc. Are you going to use it like a real truck, or just pimp it out, or what? Basically, why do need such a big ass truck?

If it’s just a matter of styling, buy whatever you like to drive.


The world’s toughest and best off-road capable luxury SUV is the Toyota Land Cruiser. It has it all. On my last trip to Algeria, they drove me around the sahara desrt in one of those and it was a special treat to see this great machine go through literally anything without roughing up the occupants.

So forget the capable, but extremely fragile and unreliable Land Rover and if money is no object go for a Land Cruiser.