Looking for a used car

i have been looking at some used cars such as chrysler sebring convertable starting from 2002-2006 i don’t know much about them please let me know what you think and if their are any other cars that you would consider


The Sebring Convertible has one of the worst reliability records of any car in the US. Too bad, because it’s not a bad looking car.

If you want a 4-passenger convertible I suggest a Toyota Solara. The Solara is basically a Camry with a convertible top, so it’s as reliable as the day is long. You will pay more for a Solara than for a Sebring, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

thank you for your input I have been told that the sebring is not a reliable car,but it sure does look nice. I have since been looking for a used solara but can’t find many if any in the price range im looking for,and under 12000 mileage anyhow i might have to rethink about purchasing a convertable and just go for a more sporty type honda or something.

thanks anyway

Consider the Scion tC. About $17K delivered brand new with a sliding glass moonroof. I love mine, my son loves his. They have the Camry 4-banger engine, and as with the Camry are extremely reliable.

I’m surprised that you can find any 2002 to 2006 car with under 12,000 miles. Or did you mean that you want a car for less than $12,000? You might also look at the Pontiac G6 convertible if you can afford $15,000 to $18,000.

There’s a lot of cars in the Sebring type category so it’s a personal choice.
A vehicle in this time frame is a used car and all used cars should be considered suspect until proven otherwise.

Much depends on how the vehicle was driven and maintained and as a long time tech, I can state unequivocally that the majority of vehicles are not maintained properly nor are they babied.

yeah im looking for used under $10,000 that is why i think i was attracted to the crysler sebring convertables because of the price range i did happen to find a toyota solara in my area for $7,000 it had approx 120,000 mileage on it, which im told is really a good deal!


It’s time to get down to brass tacks. What do you want, really, and how much money do you have to spend?

Are these two compatible? Only you can answer this question.

You want a convertible (apparently a four seat convertible), but you only want to spend $10,000. The Chrysler Sebring convertible fits your criteria perfectly, except that it’s not very reliable and you really don’t want to own one.

Are you willing to compromise, and if so, what will you consider?

There are many coupes to be had for 10 grand or less. There is an Accord coupe, there is a Solara coupe, there is the Scion tC. I’m sure there are others to consider.

It’s up to you. What do you really want?

You might also look at the Pontiac G6 convertible if you can afford $15,000 to $18,000.

less if you can find a place that’s closing down